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Family trash rented accommodation

There are many TV documentaries about the rental market, and many focusing on unscrupulous

landlords profiteering on the plight of desperate tenants in a real need for accommodation.

Many tenants are forced through desperation to accept housing that falls well short of what most

people would find acceptable, often having to live in dangerous, unhygienic and overcrowded


It is often the landlord in these situations that gets the bad name.

This however is obviously not always the case as landlord Dave Girtchen recently showed.

After renting his property in Hull to a couple with three children, who over the last two or three years

accumulated over £5000 in late rent, it was only after he proceeded to claim money owed through the

courts that Dave realised after the family suddenly disappeared what condition his property had been

left in.

Piles of rubbish around the property, graffiti on the walls and a general dereliction of the property which is especially bad in the bathroom.

The family dog which was left alone in the house after the family fled contributed to the overall state of the property, destroying laminated floors with defecation, through no fault of its own.

The dog has been rescued by the RSPA.

Mr Gritchen is left with quite a considerable amount of cleaning up to do, and is waiting to see if the family appear in December to face the court.

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