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The most expensive residentail property in the world

The most expensive house in the world has just gone up for sale.

Located in the South of France, if the house reaches its asking price, it will become the most expensive house in the whole world.

At over 1300 times the price of the average Uk home, this mansion situated on the star studded peninsula on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat coast near Nice is a wonder to behold.

So who would, or indeed who could own a house like this.

Formerly owned by King Leopold II the Villa Les Cèdres is a grand 14-bedroom mansion set in 35 acres of land  on the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat coast near Nice.

The already ample gardens at the time of construction have been expanded during the time the king ofthe Belgians owned it.

The area popular with holiday makers and wealthy celebrities including Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bono who also own luxury mansions.

The property also has the furniture listed for sale, and with a mass of ornate light fixtures and antique furniture, it is thought that the property inclusive with all furnishing will be nearing the one billion euro mark.

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