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Affordable property prices and where to find them in the UK

New to the market first time buyers in the UK have a difficult time getting on the property ladder.

House prices are up over 180% since the turn of the century,

so in terms of actual cash outlay we are looking at a average house price now of around 211.000 for a first home,  compared to just £75.000 at the beginning of the millennium.

But fret not, there are still a few bargains locations to be found.

Best of all, Burly Lancashire, with the average price of just 70.311.

If you prefer a more wild environment why not cast your eyes over the property for sale in Scotland, Na

h-Eileanan Siar in the Outer Hebrides.

East Ayrshire in Scotland is also a bargain property spot, with average prices just under £75,000, while

average prices in Blaenau Gwent, south Wales, are just slightly higher at £75,442.

All that being said, London at the other end of the scale with house prices ranging from the

comparatively cheap in Hackney (around £500.000) to the outrageously expensive properties of

Kensington and Chelsea, (1.5 million and up) and at least in part related to the inflated prices over the

last fifteen or so years, it has been predicted that London will become up to 60% rental by 2025,

compared with only 40% a few years ago.

So the choices are clear for the younger generation looking to get onto the property ladder - you can stay at home with mum and dad, go live in the back of beyond, or bepart of generation rent and enjoy the sensation..

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