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Buying plots of land on the sun

Back in 2010 a Spanish woman claimed that she owned the sun and planned to bill all solar panel users for using energy from the sun.

This may seem crazy, but under the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ that states no countries may claim sovereignty over celestial bodies, she saw the loophole as it did not stipulate that individuals could not claim the right of ownership.

More recently in a bit to make the most of her ownership of the sun Maria Angeles Duran began to offer plots of sun for sale on eBay.

The plots were on the market for 1 euro per sq metre, and according to Maria she has received over 600 orders.

Unfortunately for Ms Duran eBay put a stop to the auction, claiming that the sale of land spaces on the sun was a scam.

However, in a further development in this crazy story it turns out that a magistrates court in Madrid has backed Ms Duran action to sue Ebay for compensation of 10,000 Euros.

It seems Ms Durans assertion that she knows the law, and that she legally backed up her claim may well serve this land owner in good stead.

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