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With 132 unique shades of paint and with 32 stores in the UK Dorest based Farrow & Ball founded 70 years ago are going through the roof in popularity with crazy named shades of paint hitting the market.

Shades including the classic Elephant's Breath, created by a decorator in the 1940's. and with suggestions coming into the company via twitter it seems the business will go from strength to strength.

Creative director of the company suggests that our affinity for white sparseness a few years ago has changed to more earthy natural colours now, and wonders if the surge in popularity has more to do with the name of the paint than the actual colour.


So with names like 'Indie Yellow' representing the shade of cows urine, to the darker shades such as 'down pipe' and 'railing' it seems like quirky paint shade names are storming the market.

Would you paint your lounge with 'Cat's Paw'?

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